Clevette Harris is an acclaimed author who is lauded as one of the great voices of American literature. As an author, she uses her insights into her life and struggles to discern the differences between good fortune and a blessing from God, and between "misfortune or bad luck" and testing to the point of testimony.

A devout Christian who was raised in the church under the guidance of her mother, Audrey Matthews, Clevette was struck with a debilitating condition in year 2000. This later left her on permanent disability in 2005. As a result of this condition, she pondered and searched for answers that could only be rendered by God. As is explained in her book, Through the Storm (Kingdom Publishing, 2007), God not only answered her questions, but walked with her during her storm and led her through her trials and tribulations.

The essence of her faith in God, which sustained her through real challenges and situations, is captured in her second book, After the Storm (Kingdom Publishing 2007). It encourages you to keep holding on and prepares you for the blessings that God has for you once the storm is over.

As the author of The Morning News, a daily inspirational on-line newsletter consisting of devotional messages, prayer requests, and spiritual reflections, Clevette has sowed the seeds of inspiration to thousands of Internet readers. The compilation of these inspirations has resulted in her most recent literary project, Blessed Assurance (Kingdom Publishing, 2008).

Prior to becoming a fulltime author, this mother of two children – son, Robert and daughter, Robyn - worked in corporate America as a credit management consultant. A native of Richmond, Virginia , she holds a business management degree from the Commonwealth Business College, and the P.H.D in Christ (because she Praises HIM Daily).